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Polybags were established in 1961 by Mr. Geoffrey Davies who purchased a bag making machine advertised in the local paper and sold door to door. As sales grew, Geoffrey Davies teamed up with college friend Brian Turner who became in charge of production and the business moved firstly to a lock-up garage and then on to larger factory premises in Alperton, West London.

Our 25,000 sq ft factory in Greenford, West London was purchased in 1998 along with next door where we plan to further expand. The manufacturing operation includes 14 blown film extrusion lines (including 3 polythene garment cover lines), 10 bag making machines and an Erema re-cycling machine. We also have comprehensive warehousing facilities to enable importing and stocking of a wide range of consumable products.

We specialise in short run production, so as well as our larger users we have many thousands of customers purchasing less than 500 pounds p.a. creating a very wide customer base. Our systems are designed so that no order is too small and we hope that you can become a customer too.

Pallet covers improve the efficiency of warehousing and transport of your product by protecting from water damage, punctures and abrasions, and reducing theft and pilferage in addition to elimination of scattered loads. Covered pallets also contain leakage - thereby reducing the risk of damage to products in close proximity.

We can provide you with a pallet cover for almost any application. Whether you need a simple, economical clear poly cover or a colored, UVI-added, or vented special purpose cover - we can do it!

If you'd like to display your company logo or branding, we're also a leading provider of printed covers.

Discount Pallet Covers.co.uk is the place to be if you are searching for stock and custom pallet covers, polythene covers and plastic covers.

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Information on Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers offer ideal solution to outdoor protection of individual pallets of group of palletised materials.

  1. Pallet covers are fabricated to fit standard and custom pallet
  2. Pre-cut gusseted bags are ideal for use as container liners or pallet and machinery covers
  3. Individually boxed or Perforated on a roll for easy dispensing.
  4. Cover pallets during shipment, storing or protecting from weather
  5. Durable for excellent reusability
  6. Completely weatherproof protection that saves time, labour and money
pallet covers perforated on roll

Other uses for Pallet covers

  • Hang in the back of trucks to keep weather and road elements from getting to loads.
  • Cover surfaces while painting, moving, refinishing, or assembly.
  • Use with stretch wrap machines to cover tops of loads.

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How To Measure For Gussetted Pallet Covers

Measure your pallet (W x L x D) in inches and use the following formula to find the pallet cover that fits best.

  • Pallet Cover W = Pallet W + 2 inches
  • Pallet Cover L = Pallet L + 2 inches
  • Pallet Cover D = Pallet D + 1/2 (Pallet W) + 8 inches

Example - a loaded pallet measures (W)46" x (L)50" x (D)49".

To properly size the pallet cover, you do the following -

(W) 46" + 2" = 48"

(L) 50" + 2" = 52"

(D) 49" + 23"(half the pallet width) + 8" = 80"

pallet cover diagram

In this case, the size to order would be 48" x 52" x 80".

If when you use the formula, you cannot find a stocked pallet cover listed on this page, feel free to give us a call. We will be delighted to help.

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What we offer?

  • Thickness up to 150mu (600 Gauge)

  • Standard or Shrink fit pallet covers
    Shrink pallet covers hold loads securely. They are stronger than stretch wrap or banding and provide better protection against moisture, dust and tampering. Simply place over load and heat shrink.

  • Plain or Printed

  • Available in boxed or perforated on rolls

  • Clear or Coloured

  • Available UVI (Ultra violet) & VCI (vapour corrosion) protection
    Pallet covers with 3% UVI additive protect contents from the sun for up to six (6) months.

  • Small minimums - As low as 10 per pack

  • Short lead times(Just In Time Delivery)
    Our fast efficient delivery, means that you receive your delivery when you want, no excuses. If you have any special delivery requirements, we will make whatever arrangements are necessary to deliver your order.

  • Free UK Delivery

  • Gauranteed Low Prices

  • Try before you buy(Free Sample)
    Not sure if the product you have selected will work for you? Our knowledgeable customer service professionals will work with you to find the right solution. They will make recommendations, provide technical information, and send you a sample to test with your application absolutely free! Give them a call and solve your packaging problems today.

    Again consider buying from a supplier who offers 100% no quibbles guarantee such as Polybags Limited, UK.

  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS(The Buy More Advantage)
    Do you buy larger than listed quantities? Yes, then why pay more! Don not hesitate to ask our expert sales professionals to quote on large volume orders. Call 020-8575-8200 now & Save money.

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Buy Pallet Covers Online

    • Polythene bags - Pallet Covers - Plastic Pallet Covers at Low Prices.
      Polybags is now a leading UK manufacturer of Dry Cleaning Garment covers and Laundry Bags as well as a major stockist of wide sheeting and shrinkable pallet covers for outside and in-transit protection. Low Prices and Free UK Delivery. Buy Online & Save Money Today...

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Other useful information

For more detailed information on pallet covers please visit www.packagingknowledge.com

Elaborated 'Garment & Pallet covers' essay starts with introduction and how it is made. It also covers options available in Covers(garment & pallet) and lists major UK suppliers. These not all; this essay also details product specifications, explains common application areas for Garment & Pallet covers, lists its unique properties. At last, it offers you a place to buy common sizes of Garment & Pallet covers or just read the news associated with Pallet covers.

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Summary Range of Capabilities

  • Minimum Film Width 1' (25mm)
  • Maximum Film Width 55' (1400mm) [Note ' max 50' if flat un-gussetted film required]

  • Minimum Film Thickness 80 gauge (20micron) in special high melt films, otherwise 100 gauge (25micron)
  • Maximum Film Thickness 1000 gauge (250micron) [Note ' max 600g above 40' width]

Film available as Layflat Tubing or Sheeting (Centre Fold, Double Wound, Single Wound and J-Fold)

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Range of Materials that Polybags Extrude

Polybags specialises in the following film materials

  1. Standard Melt 2 Low Density Polythene (LDPE) Films for general packaging applications.
    Suitable for the majority of general film and bag requirements, our standard film blend has an anti-blocking agent and a slip agent to help during the film extrusion process and to produce a product that it easy for you to handle and open. Film without slip or with additional slip concentrations is available on request and our film is certified Food Grade Approved.
  2. Low Slip Melt 1 LDPE Films for shrink film and sack applications
    This film has a higher molecular strength and is designed for shrink applications. During the extrusion process the film is expanded into a bubble whilst molten and then quickly solidified, effectively 'sealing in' the shrink effect which is released when heated by a shrink gun or heat tunnel. This grade also has no additives which means it has a less slippy feel and is suitable for stacking. Its higher molecular strength than the Standard Melt 2 film also means it is used to manufacture heavy duty sacks.
  3. High Melt 4 LDPE Films for thin dust cover / garment cover uses
    A soft film which has limited strength properties but is very flexible and so we are able to downgauge during extrusion to very thin films of 80gauge (20micron) or less. This can save significant quantities of film and so cost to you where the application is very light duty, in particular for garment and dust covers.
  4. High Tensile Films for maximum strength to thickness requirements
    A blend of polymers including Medium Density Polythene which creates the ultimate strength film at thin thicknesses. Clarity is not as good as other films nor is flexibility (film has a slight rough crinkly feel) but the material is perfect for thin food grade tint sheets and other tinted and coloured films.
  5. Metallocene Blends for premium high clarity Films
    Metallocene is a term for polyethylene raw material that has been manufactured in a slightly different way to usual using a metallocene catalyst, resulting in film with extremely good optical and strength properties. There is additional cost in manufacturing Metallocene raw material and so the film is more expensive but this may be justified where high film clarity and strength is required.
  6. Electroconductive Blends for electrically sensitive packing
    Electroconductive film is based on special blends of highly conducting carbon Blacks compounded into low density polythene. The film is therefore electrically conductive and designed for handling and packaging electrostatic sensitive devices. As a result of its spark free properties, it is also used to store explosive devices although it can also be used for general packaging to avoid dust attraction on components.
  7. Biodegradable Film for composting applications
    Our biodegradable film has an additive blend which provides first oxidative and then biological degradation of the material, typically within 6 months to 2 years in a landfill site or standard composting system. Compared to many other environmental alternatives, this is a cost-effective, strong and recyclable film solution.
  8. Reprocessed Films for low cost and low quality uses
    Reprocessed Film is extruded on request. The main problem is lack of recyclable material available as it is such a popular option. Although product quality is not as good as virgin material, recycled film is a low cost and extremely environmentally beneficial film solution and we will always offer it whenever we have sufficient material.

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News on Pallet Covers

Thermal Pallet Covers by AmSafe

AmSafe thermal pallet covers reduce cargo waste and protect temperature sensitive cargo.

The AmSafe Bridport C. Safe range of thermal covers can protect flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, pharmaceuticals and electrical products. Using superior, lightweight and durable insulation technology, our thermal covers stabilize cargo temperature, prevent rain and sunlight damage, keep product clean and free of cross contamination and reduce risk of pilferage by keeping the product hidden from view. Features include:

  • Designed for use with standard pallets and nets
  • Viable for loads of variable heights between 64" and 188" due to an innovative 2-part design
  • Simple visual instructions on the outside to help operators use correctly
  • Fastened by Velcro® - no complex, time consuming, fasteners
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and removable
  • Weatherproof protection from UV radiation, wind and rain
  • Prevents cross contamination from dust, debris and liquids
  • Wipe clean surfaces throughout
  • Compact - folds easily into a small box

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Pallet cover keeps drugs in shape

UK company Aerotrim has developed a new line of insulated jackets for pallets that are currently being trialled by pharmaceutical companies and other industries, including food manufacturers and the military.

Developed jointly by Iretex of Dublin, Eire and Aerotrim-Polar of Warminster in England, the TranzCube takes the form of a pallet base and an insulating shroud, and is designed for use when refrigeration is not necessary or unavailable.

Paul Harrison, Aerotrim's managing director and the designer of the product, told In-Pharmatechnologist.com that Iretex had developed a thermoformed plastic replacement for standard wooden pallets, while Aerotrim supplied an insulating sleeve made of its Polartherm material.

This does away with the need for a separate under-load insulation mat and, because it is a completely enclosed system, its ability to provide effective insulation is improved, according to the firm.

AstraZeneca has adopted the technology for vaccine shipments to Japan, in the wake of that country's decision to ban the use of polystyrene in shippers. By adopting TranzCube, AstraZeneca got around the ban and can ship its product in insulated pallets that fold flat and can be shipped home for re-use.

Furthermore, the pallets weigh considerably less than regular packaging - 5kg versus 25kg - so this makes handling easier and has the added benefit of lightening the load and fuel consumption of the aircraft. They also take up less space, are recyclable and are sequentially coded to help track and trace shipments.

The TranzCube is available in sizes of 1200 x 1000, Euro Pallet (1200mm x 800mm), and half Euro Pallet (800mm x 600mm). It costs '495 for a one-off purchase, with pricing on a sliding scale depending on volume.


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Modified Atmospheres for Berry Crops

Modified atmosphere (MA) packaging or storage generally refers to enclosure within a sealed semi-permeable plastic film, in which the O2 is lower and/or the CO2 is higher than the concentrations found in fresh air. This is due to either the respiration of the enclosed product or an injection of desired gas concentrations. The equilibrated gas mixture is maintained throughout shipping and/or storage and no further measurements or control take place.

MA with 15-20% CO2 and 5-10% O2 reduces the growth of Botrytis cinerea (gray mold) and other decay-causing organisms in berries during transport and storage. In addition, such MA reduces the respiration and softening rates of berries, thereby extending the postharvest life. However, exposure of berries to < 2% O2 and/or > 25% CO2 can cause off-flavors and brown discoloration, depending on berry type and cultivar, duration of exposure, and temperature.

Whole pallet covers and consumer packages for containment of the MA are commonly used. The standard CO2 treatment for strawberries is to completely enclose pallet loads of berries in sealed plastic bags, pull a slight vacuum, then add CO2 to create a 12-15% CO2 atmosphere within the bag and around the fruit.

It is important that the berries are thoroughly cold prior to treatment, as the plastic pallet cover will impede further cooling and condensation can form when the fruit are not fully cooled. After more than 28 years, the proprietary Tectrol TM pallet bag system technologies from TransFRESH Corp. in Salinas, California, has become an industry standard, protecting berry quality and value all the way through to distribution.

Approximately 60% of the strawberries shipped out of California are treated with 15-20% CO2 within pallet covers, using such technology. Photo of atmosphere injection system from TransFRESH used for the TectrolTM atmosphere pallet systems at: http://www.transfresh.com/TransFRESH%20Web/Pallets/tectrol_atmosphere_system_equipm.htm

Table 1: Current MA recommendations and commercial use for berry crops (adapted in part from Kader, 2001)


Optimum temp (°C)

Reduced O 2 (%)

Increased CO 2 (%)

Commercial Use Notes
Blackberry 0 5 to 10 15 to 20 Limited use within pallet cover during transport Rapid cooling to °C should be done before modification of atmosphere
Blueberry 0 2 to 5 12 to 20 Limited use within pallet covers during transport Prompt cooling to near °C prior to MA establishment & maintenance of such temperatures during transport essential to reduction of postharvest losses.
Cranberry 3 1 to 2 0 to 5 None Further research is needed to identify potential benefits & limits to CO 2
Raspberry 0 5 to 10 15 to 20 Increasing use within pallet covers during transport Proper temperature management is prerequisite for successful handling of raspberries
Strawberry 0 5 to 10 15 to 20 Around 60% of strawberries shipped out of California are treated with 15 to 20% CO 2 within pallet covers following cooling to near 0°C Proper temperature management is the prerequisite for successful handling of strawberries

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Protect your products from the elements

Layfield Poly Films produces custom pallet covers that are designed to protect valuable shipments from transportation mishaps and damage from the elements. Our films protect your product from rain, high winds snow and are stabilized against ultraviolet light degradation.

Layfield Pallet Covers are available in various colors and specific opacity levels. They can also be printed with your company's marketing message or logo, offering you greater product recognition in the marketplace. Our printing options include two colors on one side or one color on two sides.

Layfield Poly Films produces a wide range of products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the pallet cover market. Some of the advantages of utilizing Layfield Poly Films Products include:

  • Product Protection
    The durable and strong resin formulations used in our quality controlled manufacturing process ensure that your product will be well protected under Layfield Polyfilms Pallet Covers.

  • Cost Effective
    By being able to identify your unique needs we can design and manufacture a product that will meet the needs of your process. Our manufacturing process along with our skills with specific resin blends and additives allows us to 'tailor' our products to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost.

  • Sales Message opportunities
    Layfield Poly Films can add your company's personalized message or logo to many of our products, allowing for broader exposure of your goods and services.

  • Experienced Professional Support
    At Layfield Poly Films an experienced team of professionals are always on your side offering support. From our product designers to our shipping staff, Layfield Poly Films handles your project in a professional and efficient manner from start to finish.

  • Quality
    Layfield Poly Films pays attention to every aspect of quality. During the manufacturing process, we carefully monitor the entire production run, including our slip additives, seals, UV levels and printing. We know that you expect quality to 'be a given' and we strive to meet your expectations.